the Minimal Bow Wave System

field of the invention

The invention relates to a minimal bow wave system retrofitted to excisting ships or in-built in new ships.

background to the invention

It's the aim of this invention to seek ways to reduce the formation of large bow waves which drain energy away from the ship, and to reduce fuel consumption as well as pollution.

the minimal bow wave system

The minimal bow wave system is a multi-patented invention by which the very high water pressure ahead of a moving cargo ship can be substantially reduced, thereby leading to substantial reduction in the size of bow waves, convergent wave, hull drag, aft body turbulence and prop slip.

  • The invention is not load specific nor is it speed specific and will be regardless of load or speed.
  • The invention is designed not only for use in new build ships but, more importantly, can be suitable for retrofitting on to existing ships, thus saving much time and cost.
  • Bulk carrying ships, containerships, oil tankers etc. burn up colossal amounts of bunker fuel and the fuel they use is bunker fuel with the dirtiest liquid fossil fuel on the market. Bunker fuel is the dregs from the distillation of crude oil and contain carbon, sulphur, nitrogen etc. beyond normally accepted limits.
  • After retrofitting, fuel savings excess of 15-30% can be achieved without the need to slow down the ship's sailing speed2.
Calculation example:
A giant container ship like the Emma Maersk which can load and transit about 11,000TEU, will consume 14,000 litres of low grade bunker fuel per hour or 280 metric tons per day. The ship will typically sail for 280 days per year and will burn 78,400 tons of high sulfur bunker fuel. The current price is about US$ 440 per metric ton.
The ship will burn 78,400 metric tons of bunker fuel at US$440 per metric ton. The cost will be US$34 million per year. 15% savings will amount to US$ 5.2 million per year.

Apart from this enormous cost reduction, by reducing the amount of CO2, SOx, NOx and particulate pollutants, the minimal bow wave system is also a serious contribution to the fight against global warming.
1. Evaluation of resistance increase and speed loss of a ship in wind and waves, download report here
2. Based on a research by the University of Michigan, USA.

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